First of all, I am sooooo grateful right now that after several hours I kept on logged in and repeating different email,usernames and I am logged in..I am so worried that I might lost this blog forever cause I can no longer update my ups and downs diary.Luckily I get back to the track so yeahhh..praise be to god. Since I was last updated my blog on april a year ago, I lost that sense on blogging…

But now that I think I should write this title ABBY because shes my love. A love that has been missing lately. Shes my lovely cat. Just by recalling her behaviour makes my heart hurt and truly sad. How i love her soo much that i kept on bringing her to sleep under my arm almost every night. I kissed her cheek many times before shes missing, now that I remember. I just want to park her lovely pictures over here so it wont be missing one day if my phone got broken down or lost perhaps. I am missing her badly now that my tears is flowing down. Dear Allah, just wherever she might be right now, please take good care of her and I keep praying may I found her someday. Amin..Only Cat lovers know that this kind of feeling is tremendously hurtful.



I love you to the moon and back!!!


Diet vs. Workout

Hyeeee dear fellow friends !!! am too much excited I guess since this is my first entry for 2016!!!! wooaahhh…I last posted on august last year. hew hew hew…I’ve been looking forward to write on  my blog, there were several things that I keep wanted to post..but been tremendously slothful AF !!! haha mencarut. Jangan tiru aksi ini. Okey let’s get started before I lost my ‘nafsu’ untuk menaip.

So, I believe those human out there..are always in a situation where you really want to lose I right? It’s when you feel  a bit down because of your looks aren’t like those hijabistah sistah. Nak pakai cantik-cantik macam dorang, baju kebaya, nak pakai shawl macam Mira Filzah, nak bergaya ala-ala model baju muslimah Bella Ammara/ Calaqisya or seumpamanya, nak selfie selfa whenever you hang out with your hella friends, that’s the moment yang kau rasa nak kuroooooooooooooooossss sangat100000x (ulang-ulang K) . Ermmmmm….aaaaaa aku bukan ape, the reason of the title itself nak imply kat diri aku sendiri….hahahahahahaha…hell yeah! 😆  LULLLLZZZZZZ

Niat ni started after my SPM lagi. It was around 7-8 years ago. So every year, I swear to myself that this year will be my full transformation’s year. And that saying keep on adjourned till today. Go to hell ! Tahun ni siap ajak geng-geng yang gemuk/ tembam/ debab/montel tu suruh join aku. My buddy even created a whatssap group entitled ‘CANTIK 2016″ which konon-konon by the end of this year 31/12/2016 , we managed to post a picture before and after the transformation. Kahkah…this is sooo funny 😆

At first, we agreed to follow an atkins diet since we saw there are so many people succeed. From 100++kg they turned to 50++kg..what a big lost daebak!!! and of course muka pun jadi cun melecun. Pinggang ramping chuolls. And Iollls is jeles. Dalam tiga hari je group members whatssap CANTIK 2016 tu including me berjaya buat clean induction. Pastu give up sebab tak tahan. For phase 1, they need to cut clean all the carbs in there,no sweets, no fruits. No wonder la berjaya turun berkilo-kilo dalam sebulan. Ya Allah kuat betul nafsu atkiners tersebut. Aku salute !!! Aku  tak tahan tengok lauk yang terhidang depan mata. Dalam hati “esok lah diet, masa panjang lagi” and tiba hari esok keep repeating the same words and aku rasa mungkin sampai mereput.


Sape tahan kan kalau ada orang lanje kek camni FOC ! aku pun sumbat


images (1)

Macaroons dekat satu tempat ni sedap sangat.Seketol RM4.25 tak silap. Kalau beli 6 ketul, die bagi RM23 something. Aku pun beli konon nak belanje adik, tapi aku pun turut telan.


images (2)

western food dah la favourite. Makcik aku masak mende ni, takkan la ak nak tolak..oihhh rugi. Diet tu macam hati cakap “esok la,takpe, ade masa lagi”


images (5)

Balik rumah opah, lauk dia simple je. Lauk kampung. Kecur liur. Tipu tak makan. Tu bukan Hanis tu. *abang owner gambar,kalo terjumpa gambar ni mohon maaf yer.heee

*source of all pictures above :google image

Disebabkan semua di atas tak berjaya, pendek kata diet jaga makan ni takkan berjaya, so aku beralih untuk workout! Yeahhhh semangat ajak sorang kawan yang sorang ni bambam jugak. Dia pun memang suka workout, tapi masih belum kurus gak. Tak tau nape. Cadangnya setiap hari lepas subuh nak pergi joging sampai berpeluh. Haritu berjaya pergi dah. Sehari baru! But then the next day that friend and me were about to qada’ puasa, kami hold dulu. Tapiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…. dah lama sangat ni holdnye…and whatssapp masing-masing kriiikkk kriiik kriiikk…dia tak mesej aku, aku tak mesej dia. So conclusionnya, none of the above is the right answer for me to kurus. Neither diet nor workout. Both didn’t work for the time being. Nanti kalau sambung workout, bolehlah hapdet. Kalau takde tu, pepaham je lah…eeee benci *tampar-tampar pipi . Bak kata kawan yang join atkin tu jugak “kau duduk je la dalam badan kau yang gemuk tu Hanis sampai bile-bile. Nak pakai baju cantik macam model tu lupakan lah” and then she said “kenapa aku diet selalu kelaut..macam gamp*ng!” hahaha…




Salam my dear fellows…it’s been soooooooooo long I left my blog walking…coz I’ve never been bothered to update any stories since I was catching up with some works…(elehhh alasan je tuh..sbrnye malas hahaha).

Okay…ni nak cittaa sket…on 3rd of august this year..this year la kan..watpe nk terobek last year punye…my friends n I..we went to Penang..alaahh Penang je pun..orang lain gi Maldives pon xheran…ah lantaklah kau..tu kesah kau…aku nak cite jugak kesah aku kt sini…so basically all of us are kaki jalan punya olang…if others would say “hey please stop here..we can continue to pay a visit the next day”…that’s a no no no for me…you can imagine…we went to Penang around 4 a.m this morning and we went back at 2 a.m in the next morning…walking non stop…haihhhhh that was soooo heavennnn…oohh yeea…as for me…I am less into the foods..I mean if I travel somewhere I dont pay much attention to that certain place’s foods..unless kalo betol-betol femes baru I gi try…soo bab2 makan,I makan je apa yang ada kat mana2 restoran just untuk bagi energy  sambung berjalan..that’s all…tapi setengah orang kan suka “ehhh tempat makan kat situ femes tau,jom try,eh sana pon sedap tau,jom pegi”…I was just following them coz I xtaw nak watpeee….hahaha…

we went to many places which I malas pulak nak taip sekarang…sooo lanjee gambo je lah…

very hot n exciting ..the mpv is filled with laughter non stop

very hot n exciting ..the mpv is filled with laughter non stop


at nasi kandar ape tah nama dia..haihhh...sbb tak suka nasi kandar thats why tak ingat..haha

at nasi kandar ape tah nama dia..haihhh…sbb tak suka nasi kandar thats why tak ingat..haha

up the chilly...

up at the’s so chilly 

snap sebelum turun bawah

snap sebelum turun bawah



ahhh pendek..tak tercapai dek akalmu

ahhh pendek..tak tercapai dek akalmu


okay sampai disini aja tulisannya ya..moga ketemu lagi…bubbbbyeee..


Okay, as for tonight, I wanted to…just….write…about….anything ever come across my mind…cos I’ve been hiatus for quite sometimes…haihhh…ooohhhh…I am still in a job hunting mood, but currently I am making my best to pile up my cash of salaries working at an outlet of bookstore… it’s a widely known bookstore so yeah people might guess it truely…or…maybe wrong…haha…I do accept that the phrase ‘experience nowadays is much more crucial regardless of the cgpa in seeking the job’ is real! …. sobssss…I’ve been run and errands to many places/companies attending the interviews and most likely to ask me “how many years you’ve been working/do have an experience working somewhere bla bla blaaaa” …. but I’m not applying this story to all the places I went..just…most of them gonna ask that kind of question…I am soooo disheartening…well, I think it’s okay… coz  I got to see and make some assumptions and I believe that Allah has got a best plan and a huge as well as great opportunity though may it some times…sooo here I am…sitting in the mid of book stacks, read as much as I want and buy any books that I love…heeehaaaa…while experiencing the up and downs in a real job ambience…

Erm…what else…I’ve got like thousand stories just now to keep as a remembrance forever in this blog, but somehow it flew away…omggggggggg….come on come on baby come to me…………………………………………………………………………………………..

Still…..blurrrrrr….so I guess I’m going to put at halt…coming up next entry, and I dont have an idea when will it’s going to be….

Elliott Spenner

Yesterday, as I visited some blogs and opened up a youtube, I came acrossed a pianist which I adore him tremendously much..orrr…perhaps i’ve fallen in love with him…harrrhaarrrhaarrrr…unfortunately when I kept stalked him, and that was when I disappointed …he’s a distance away younger than me!!!! He’s a talented personable guy as a pianist…there are more than hundred covers that he made in youtube, and one of which that I kept on replayed over and over is Let It Go cover, coz I could see his gorgeous killing smile that melted my heart youuuu….! harrharrharrr 😆 😆 😆 … urrmmm not forgetting, another youtube virtuoso too like Jung Sung Ahn and Daniel Jang for their  glorious, impressive, splendid and skilful performance in handling with violin…I was once involved with this kind of music device, I owned a violin too but it wasn’t prolong that I keep on playing it cause I am self-taught…no one could teach me nor do I  take a class cause the fee is a bit dear….hehehe…but soon inshaallah, I’ll try to take part in violin and piano class. There’s one piano teacher nearby my residential area that I wish she/he could lend me a hand…

Oh! Elliott Spenner is that pianist name, you may search or subscribe the video by searching  88kieys, and he’s extremely good looking guy, beware! harrrharrharrr…and if you wish to see the one sided melting smile please play let it go cover, please,please,please ….


Ok lah..on the eve of my birthday ni…rasa gatal tangan nak menaip entri kat blog…hihihi…takde apepun nak cakap…cuma satu je… I MISS MY FRIENDS IN UKM DAMN MUCH!…bolehlah mention satu-satu nama dorang…this is my gang actually…we used to be together in a group of 9..cehhh…bawak geng besar pulak kan… of the member tu of course lah me…then goes to Fau..nama dia ni sedap…Fauziah Naqiya…sebab nak cepat n pendek..kitorang panggil dia Fau…ade jugak orang panggil Poja/ Pojeya/ kak qiyah…hahahaha…she was my roomate masa second year…kawan yang satu kepala bila bab ketawa nak pecah perut,kawan makan, kawan merayap pon iye jugak…hahaha..tringat dulu masa aku sakit…mintak tolong dia bawakkan ke klinik sebab dia ada motor..aku hanya ada kaki je…sobsss..rinduuuu…btw thank you untuk masa-masa yang terindah di UKM dulu…third is Tasha…full name Nur Mahfuz Atasha…haaa..jangan main2 kau…dia ni pulak…coursemate aku…tapi masa duduk UKM dulu selalu sewa bilik bersebelahan aje…Tasha ni rajin memasak and kids lover…tak lupa jugak peminat tegar kpop…ekekeke…samo yo la dongan den pon…fourth is Hazirah…sometimes kitorang panggil nama dia elok2 je Hazirah..entah macam mana masa last year dulu..kami sume pakat panggil dia Yuki…asbabnyeee…die ni peminat tegar anime…hahahaha..cakap je anime ape..sume dia tahu..nak2 lagi conan…so Yuki tu adalah nama kartun anime apebende tah…tak ingat pulak…yang kelima Fiza…nama penuh Wan Nur Hafiza…die ni kecik2 je orangnye…tapi…kalau tengah marah jangan disimbah lagi dengan minyak petrol  tau…tak payah simbah minyak petrol pun da menyala2 api dia..kahkahkah…sorry Fiza…dia ni peminat Barbie…peehhhh…sume collection mostly dia ada…nak copy boleh la mintak..hehehehe…lepas tu Umi…iaitu Umi Syafiqah…dia ni orang kedah..ligat and lincah orangnye…pendek kata aktif la..sume dia participate masa zaman U dulu…hihihi…peminat tegar abam pilot…also…shopaholic macam aku…and then Ana…nama penuh Siti Noraana…dia ni pun shopaholic jugak…and always up-to-date fashion..sume yang dia pakai nampak attractive…pandai bergaya orangnya plus comellll aje…kemudian Nad…full name Saidatul Nadrah…haaa dia ni kecik aje orangnye…tapi masculine gitu…aku tanya nape tak beli motor skooter aje Nad…kan senang..tak payah jengket2…kikikiki…tapi dia kata..” alaa skooter xde gear…rasa tak macho”…hahahahaha..ok fineee..macho pon macho lah…layankan aje…and lastly Pi….hahahha..mesti pelik Pi?Pi tu ape…Pi tu short form dari Nur Sapinah…asal berkenalan dulu..aku serba salah nak panggil aku panggil dia Pina…lama-lama…budak ni rock rupenye…so panggil je lah Pi…haaa…Pi ni..rock ala muslimah gitu…kecik molek je orangnye…sekali bila dia bengang ayat yang tak boleh blah “bagi pelempang kang nak?” ….hahahaha…sooo sume classmate suke buli2 die sebab die kecik plus rock ala muslimah…ekekekeke….




Ketam Lembut!!!

Yeay…I’ve been craving to eat this ketam lembut you know…somehow people must be wondering what is ketam lembut?My answer would be…ketam tu lembut  lah…gahahaha…so it is situated at Kuala Gula…around Taiping but atas sikit lagi…the place kinda kampung nelayan style yang macam duduk atas jeti that when boat passes, there’s a wave and that the place is waving woaaaaa wooooaaa gitu, so yang mabuk laut tu maybe fenin fenin la kot…even I pon got lil bit dizzy and time tu rasa macam nak muntah..dengan customers yang tersangat la ramainye..yelahh..sape suruh pegi time CNY..haaaa kan…nyesal seh..tunggu makanan tak sampai2 for an hour..rupenye order resit was missing and that waitress has to RE-ORDER okayyy..after an hour…my god!time tu panas hati ni rasa nak berambus la jugak..tapiiii because of the craving…I hold it inside…sooo..ketam lembut tu die lembutttt sangat even you are able to eat the whole part of it..dengan kulit2 skali taw…so sape nak experience makan kulit2 ketam tu try la pegi sana…but I would recommend not to go there during the hols season…Ok tu je nak hapdet pepagi buta ni 1:42 A.M …heeeee …. 😆 takde gambar plak nak letak…sebab panas hati ritu trus xjadi snap pic…